At Tiffany's Maid Service, we believe that the quality of any cleaning job depends on the products used. Over the years, our team has tried out dozens of cleaning products, and we've discovered some real gems that we believe should be a staple in any household.

Here are some of our favorites!

Big Green Carpet Machine

Paired with commercial-grade cleaning products, the Big Green Carpet Machine is the perfect carpet cleaner. Equipped with a long hose, a large water reservoir, and ample suction, this machine quickly removes stains, allergens, and stubborn grime.

Big Green Bissle

This is the right combination of product and tool to make cleaning your carpets more enjoyable. Buy yours by clicking the link!

Bissel Spot Clean Professional

Another carpet cleaning favourite is the Bissel Spot Clean Professional. You can use it on everything from stairs to upholstery to area rugs and auto interiors.

Bissle Spot Clean

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Blue Dawn Original

Blue Dawn Original is entirely biodegradable, gentle on hands but hard on grease. We dilute this product with water or vinegar to create a reliable multi-surface cleaner, perfect for disinfecting kitchen counters and other high-touch areas or washing floors.

Get some Dawn before it’s gone!

Dawn Dish Soap


Lysol should be a staple in any home cleaning routine. It effectively kills germs and bacteria from flu bugs to the common cold and everything in between. We recommend mixing your Lysol with water and letting it stand for 10 minutes before wiping it away. Lysol is also known for being mild on surfaces. You won't catch it causing damage to your furniture.

Lysol wipes are also an easy cleaning tool to keep around your home or business space!


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Pine-Sol Lavender Disinfectant

With a relaxing scent and germ-fighting power, Pine-Sol disinfectant is an excellent choice for everyday home cleaning. It can be used without being diluted but does not entirely kill germs. Its original counterpart, Pine-Sol Original, is effective for sanitizing, however.


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Rubbing alcohol

In addition to cleaning surfaces, rubbing alcohol is also great for removing sticky stuff from hard and soft surfaces. As a soluble solution, it works to weaken glues and inks that we can find in unwanted areas from time to time.

Please note that you should never leave rubbing alcohol to sit on a wooden surface - it will ruin the finish of your wood if it's not removed right away.


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If you're looking clean or disinfect on the fly, good old-fashioned vinegar is a great option. It quickly breaks down food scraps, neutralizes unpleasant odors, and makes stainless steel shine! Use it in the bathroom, kitchen, and everywhere in between.

Cleaning Vinegar

This product is a versatile cleaning machine. It can be used in so many ways! Stock up today!


This fabulous laundry product helps us keep our microfiber towels clean! When it comes to delivering superior cleaning services, it's essential to keep rags and clothes disinfected - otherwise, you're just wiping germs around, and Oxiclean helps us do that!


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This list is by no means exhaustive. We could spend all day telling you about the fabulous cleaners and cleaning tools we have come across over the years. If you want to learn more, we invite you to reach us directly and talk to our passionate experts!